Gippsland Jersey

Gippsland Jersey was launched in September 2016 and in less than ten months have created a big buzz around the dairy industry and the local community. Steve, a fourth generation dairy farmer and Sallie growing up and working on the family farm while value adding to every drop of their own milk understand the ups and downs and pressures first hand of the industry and wanted to try to make a difference in not only their own families lives but also to make a difference by paying farmers a consistent and fair price for their milk that reflects the hard work and effort that goes into producing it. Gippsland Jersey also supports that work of the “Ripple Effect” which is working to smash the stigma around mental health amongst farmers. We also want to make a difference by doing random acts of kindness to local farmers with a portion from every bottle set aside to help farmers in small but practical ways. We know that we can’t reverse the dairy crisis or really help too much, but we can show respect to farmers and give consumers choice to support a brand that 100% supports and respects local farmers, profits stay local and jersey milk is amazing! Guaranteed. “Good for Farmers, Good for You”