Darnum Park Estate

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“First Love”
You will simply fall in love with Darnum Park Estate grown extra virgin olive oil because the freshness of our oil will be close to your heart forever.
Our extra virgin olive oil is at its premium freshness soon after it is pressed and remains at its best for up to two years.
Most of the extra virgin olive oil produced in Australian is a blend of different varieties of olives. While there is nothing wrong with this, our philosophy is to produce varietal oils (i.e. olive oil extracted from a single variety) because of the unique characteristics that each variety has.
We produce extra virgin olive oil from four oil varieties of olives grown on our estate
Kalamata – a beautiful smooth and rich in flavour olive oil
Frantoio – a fantastic fruity olive oil that is mild on the palate
Koroniki – a noticeable fresh and grassy tasting olive oil with a natural pepper finish
Coratina – a superb big on flavour robust olive oil that has a good peppery finish
Why choose a varietal olive oil over a blended oil?
Once you have tasted a varietal extra virgin olive oil you will find it difficult to go back to a blended style. You will really appreciate the characteristics of the varietal olive oil which can range from very smooth and mild to very robust and peppery. Robust oils for instance are just wonderful on salads and will give those greens an unbelievable new dimension, while a mild olive oil will gently develop the flavour of fish into a gourmet special.
The best way to use your selected extra virgin olive oil is straight from the bottle onto you prepared dish.
Salads – pour over the salad just before serving
Steak – pour over the steak after cooking and just before serving
Pasta – pour over the pasta once served on the plate, especially spectacular over seafood recipes
Dipping – pour straight into a bowl and dip into it with crusty bread (no balsamic vinegar needed)
Steam vegetables – pour over steamed vegetables after draining (also add some lemon juice and some crushed garlic for extra zing)
Baby steamed potatoes in their jackets – pour over potatoes after draining (add some chopped parsley and cracked pepper)
It is that simple. Enjoy.