FAQs for July 2017

… for Visitors

Where are the markets being held?

At Lardner Park – 155 Burnt Store Road, Lardner.

Is this an indoor market?

Yes, 90% of stalls are located inside the Baw Baw Pavillion with the remaining 10% being outside.

Is the event suitable for people in a wheelchair?

Yes! There are designated disabled car parking spaces and we have allowed a minimum of 5m width in all aisles. In addition, there is a unisex disability toilet. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact event staff.

Will there be food?

Yes! We not only have a great variety of food vans, we also have amazing fresh produce, home baking, chutneys and jams and, of course, fresh bread!

Is this going to be a permanent market?

While the feedback from our first three markets has been absolutely overwhelming, the members of Support Local Gippsland behind these events all run their businesses in addition to working full-time. As you can understand, the amount of work that goes into bringing an event like this to life is overwhelming, so while we would like to continue these markets, it will depend on a large number of factors.

What parking is available?

The on-site parking is unlimited. A parking fee of $3 per car will be requested during your visit to Lardner Park. Volunteers from the Lardner Park Committee and Ellinbank Football Club will be assisting to make parking as easy as possible.

Lardner Park is a not for profit entity and all funds raised contribute to its maintenance and operations. This site is an asset to the community and they work closely with fellow community groups to ensure its accessibility. It enables large events such as GMM to be run in Gippsland.

GMM thanks those dedicated volunteers who will assist us and our community at this market.

Is there an entry fee?

No, but we will have a charity stall set up at the entry. Support Local tote bags will be available for $5 each with all profits being donated to a local charity as well as being a reusable, environmentally friendly option to help us reduce waste!

Are there toilets at the venue?

Yes, we have male, female and unisex disabled toilet.

Is EFTPOS or an ATM available?

Some stallholders have EFTPOS facilities. Otherwise, an ATM will be available on site. Please note fees apply.

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… for Stallholders

Do I have to hold my own Public Liability Insurance to have a stall?

Yes. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, we are unable to offer stallholders Public Liability Insurance for the day of any of our three events. The common misconception is that Public Liability Insurance is only required for markets, whereas this is not the case – to find out more about Public / Products Liability Insurance, contact your local Insurance Broker.

Why are the spaces not a standard 3m x 3m?

Whilst 3x3m is standard for an outdoor event, this is not the case for an indoor event. You do not need to pack your marquee, but can stay out of the elements at these fantastic indoor events. The site size has been calculated to both maximise stall frontage whilst allowing plenty of room for patrons to move throughout the event. Should you have any specific stall requirements, please let us know when submitting an application and we will do our best to accommodate you.